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Tractor drivers advised against using plough lamps on public roads

Tractor drivers are being advised that plough lamps to the rear of the vehicle should not be used when travelling on public roads.

Work lamps, commonly known as ‘ploughing lamps’ are fitted to agricultural tractors and self-propelled machinery. These lamps generally emit a white light to the rear of the vehicle to give extra visibility when working on the farm.

Only red and amber lights should appear on to the rear of a vehicle when used on the road.

The RSA and The Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland (FCI Ireland) are reminding tractor drivers that under Road Traffic Regulations, it is illegal to have white lights to the rear of any vehicle switched on while in use on public roads.

Michael Moroney, chief executive of FCI Ireland said: “As spring work on farms gathers pace the Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors (FCI), is encouraging all tractor users to make sure that plough lamps are never used when travelling on public roads. Amber flashing lights give adequate notice of slower vehicles to other road users.’’

The Road Safety Authority’s chief executive Sam Waide added: “Please be mindful of other drivers at lighting up time and at night, these lights can confuse motorists into thinking that a vehicle is approaching.

“In addition, work lamps are high power lamps which could temporarily blind other road users which is a serious road safety concern.’’