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Continental expands TPMS Pro to commercial vehicles

What is standard practice in the passenger car sector will also soon become mandatory for commercial vehicle workshops and fleet operators.

According to the European Union’s General Safety Regulation, heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks and their trailers or buses must be gradually equipped with TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) sensors, as early as July 2022 for all newly homologated vehicle models. From 2024 on, all new vehicles must be equipped with TPMS.

Because of this, Continental has expanded its commercial vehicle servicing product range with TPMS Update Plus Transport for tyre pressure monitoring and maintenance of TPMS on tractor units and semitrailers.

The update is simply flashed to the TPMS Pro service unit, which has proven itself in the passenger automobile sector for many years. In this way, commercial vehicle tyre workshops and fleet operators can cover all the necessary service steps, from reading and programming the sensors to creating the necessary documentation. The extensive database is updated regularly and covers all common European commercial vehicle manufacturers.

“The transportation industry is facing many changes in the coming years,” explains Filip Kevilj, product manager for diagnostics and service devices at Continental. “Continental is a partner with a great deal of experience in tyres and service equipment, and we aim to provide workshops with as much support as possible when they implement this transformation.”

Thanks to the TPMS Pro testing and programming device, commercial vehicle workshops can now perform individual tyre service for commercial vehicles safely and efficiently. However, the TPMS Update Plus Transport database extension can do more than simply activate and test TPMS sensors.

“The service unit can store and manage up to 26 wheels per commercial vehicle and flexibly configure axle and tyre configuration at the same time, even with twin tyres,” Kevilj adds. Thanks to the latest RF (radio frequency) technology, all the sensor data for twin tyres can be acquired in one single operation.

The license period for TPMS Update Plus Transport is one year. It includes regular updates of the database for TPMS sensors, vehicle models, protocols and sensor teaching procedures during this period.