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Compilator releases new version of InfoRoute

Compilator has released a new version of InfoRoute, its fleet inspections app and web reporting system.

InfoRoute uses an Android app that allows technicians to quickly check and log tyre depths, pressures, and faults for all vehicles in a fleet.

The inspection data can then be instantly reviewed online by fleet managers, enabling them to monitor progress, while ensuring effective teamwork both within the organisation and between their clients and service provider partners.

As well as improving transparency into vehicle health to significantly reduce the likelihood of unexpected, costly, and potentially dangerous breakdowns, InfoRoute helps fleets to simplify their operations and reduce maintenance costs.

Mike Glover, sales director at Compilator said: “If you still do fleet inspections using pen and paper and you’d like a system to gather the data, with a reporting suite to present the data for your fleet tyre inspection, InfoRoute can provide you with an inspection system that can export data directly to a growing list of manufacturers.”

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