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Bridgestone tyres and telematics for Scoobic last-mile EVs

Bridgestone, along with its subsidiary Webfleet Solutions, have reached an agreement with Scoobic Urban Mobility, a company that designs and manufactures fully-electric last-mile and urban delivery fleet vehicles.

All new Scoobic vehicles will come equipped with factory-installed fleet management technology from Webfleet Solutions, and will be fitted with Bridgestone tyres.

Bridgestone’s retail network of service locations specialising in tyres and integrated car maintenance will maintain Scoobic’s electric fleet and replace tyres when necessary.

The European-level agreement covers operations in all countries where both companies are active. Service is already being provided in Spain, France and Italy, and will soon be expanded to other markets such as the UK, Germany and Poland.

Scoobic offers public and private operators last-mile delivery and urban mobility services through its 100 per cent electric fleet of vehicles, on a pay-per-use model. The company will now leverage the telematics data to provide advanced proactive maintenance services to its customers, which include Amazon and Heineken.

The data-driven telematics solutions for fleet management from Webfleet Solutions, claims to enable safer, more efficient and more profitable operations. Its software-as-a-service solution, Webfleet, can be used by Scoobic customers to manage their operations efficiently.

It includes the EV solution system, which provides information on battery level, charging time and nearest charging points. Webfleet also issues alerts when it identifies that a vehicle needs to be checked, enabling greater safety and reduced vehicle downtime.

Meanwhile, Bridgestone says it will be putting its entire retail network in the region at the disposal of Scoobic, enabling access to continuous fleet maintenance.

Bridgestone’s EV-ready retail and service network which includes First Stop and Speedy, will supply premium tyres and vehicle maintenance to Scoobic’s electric vehicles. In addition to this, First Stop Spain will also provide charging services to these vehicles via its growing network of charging points.