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CV Workshop EXPO 2022 moves from May to October

A well considered decision has been made to move the new CV Workshop EXPO 2022 to the later October 22nd & 23rd dates.

The CV Workshop EXPO was largely sold out or reserved at the Citywest Arena & Exhibition Centre and practically all exhibitors have already re-confirmed their booked stands remain in place for the new October dates.

As you can appreciate it was not an easy decision and it was one made in the interest of exhibitors and attendees of both the new CV Workshop EXPO and the long established adjoining Auto Trade EXPO alike.

Research carried over the last two weeks with regard to the pandemic restrictions being lifted and the willingness of prospective visitors to attend indoor events provided much needed clarity about people’s thinking in this regard.

Their responses revealed that many key decision makers in businesses that trade with exhibitors, indicated that they may not feel confident to attend a large indoor event in early May, so soon after restrictions being lifted. Among younger attendees, there was no such issue with attending.

However, with this possible reluctance to attend in May being highlighted by many that make the buying decisions for parts, tools, equipment and services, as well as many attendees and exhibitors choosing to wear masks indoors in a voluntarily capacity at that time, the decision to move out to October was made. This has been very well received.

By October, the absence of all obstacles should provide maximum business opportunities, and the continued growth in the number and quality of attendees at the Auto Trade EXPO and the new CV Workshop EXPO.

It is important to announce the rescheduled date of October 22-23, in plenty of time. It has also been very reassuring that there has been a near unanimous agreement with exhibitors for switching the dates. See you at the EXPO in Citywest in October.