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Cursor 13 Natural Gas engines to power Amazon’s new Iveco fleet

FPT Industrial is set to supply 1,064 Cursor 13 Natural Gas engines to Iveco for the fleet of S-Way CNG trucks to be delivered to Amazon.

Amazon has already taken delivery of the first batch of 216 units to be operated by its partners in Europe, and another 848 units are on order with deliveries to start in mid-2022.

FPT Industrial Cursor 13 NG

Built in the WCM Gold-Level Plant in Bourbon-Lancy (France), FPT Industrial claims its Cursor 13 NG engine represents the best low environmental impact alternative for long-range operations.

The engine was developed to satisfy demanding requirements in terms of performance and operating costs, but without compromising its endurance, according to the manufacturer.

Based on cutting-edge technology and more than 20 years of experience with natural gas engines, FPT says the Cursor 13 NG provides diesel-like performance, a maximum power output of 460 HP @ 1,900 rpm and maximum torque of 2,000 Nm @ 1,100 rpm, thus offering 12 per cent more power than the best competitors with the same technology.

The Cursor 13 NG can run on 100 per cent CNG, LNG or biomethane, and uses stoichiometric combustion to ensure improved fuel economy and reduced noise levels compared to diesel, achieving up to 40 per cent fuel savings, FPT says.

When fuelled by biomethane, it can cut CO2 emissions by up to 95 per cent using a well-to-wheel CO2 measurement approach, effectively contributing to the decarbonisation process of long-haul commercial transport, FPT boasts.