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Trust your engine oil with TotalEnergies Rubia range

Lubrication plays a crucial role in the health and maintenance of commercial vehicles. Choosing the wrong or an inferior product can lead to catastrophic and sometimes irreparable damage to your engine which can be costly to fix.

On the other hand, a superior oil can greatly protect your vehicle, extend engine life and reduce downtime. This is extremely important in the everyday operations of your fleet, as downtime reduces productivity and profitability. In an industry where it is imperative that your truck or bus is on the road at all times compromising on quality can be disastrous.

In today’s market, the biggest issue faced by fleet operators is downtime. Vehicles off the road lead to a loss in revenue and with the numerous operating conditions and business pressures currently affecting the industry, it can be catastrophic.

Companies that are successful in this segment build their operation on several core principles such as high levels of reliability, efficiency and being competitive, but at the same time reducing their spending.

For fleet managers, one of the most significant operating costs is fuel. A truck can notch up thousands of kilometres a month and even marginal gains to fuel economy can make a big difference to a company’s spend.

That’s why TotalEnergies Rubia range of heavy-duty, diesel engine oils are tested and approved by more than 200 of the world’s leading OEMs (Original Equipment manufacturers) and are specifically designed to match their sophisticated and most demanding technical requirements.

These premium products fall into three categories:

  • Rubia Optima with Inno-Boost Technology
  • Rubia TIR with Pro-Efficient Technology
  • Rubia Fleet with Clean-Shield Technology

Rubia Optima

Rubia Optima products offer excellent engine and after-treatment systems protection, with extended drain intervals, for the latest, cleaner engines.

Rubia Optima products, formulated with Inno-Boost Technology, are specifically designed to incorporate the right combination of strong antioxidant molecules. These active molecules inhibit radical formation and keep hydrocarbon chains intact. As a result, the engine oil viscosity remains stable and engine oil keeps its properties for a longer time extending drain intervals and lowering cost.

Benefits of Inno-Boost technology

  • Increased uptime and lower maintenance costs
  • Exceed API CK-4 and FA-4 specifications
  • Longer engine oil life
  • Excellent equipment longevity

Rubia TIR

Rubia TIR products are approved by Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers for the great majority of the existing truck types, with a vast amount of coverage, ranging from most demanding EURO VI engines to conventional EURO III engines.

The Pro-Efficient Technology, developed by TotalEnergies Research and Development teams, protects, and improves the efficiency of engines by ensuring reduced mechanical wear and extended oil drain intervals. This means longer engine life, fewer breakdowns, and reduced maintenance costs.

In other words, increased efficiency, and profitability for your business. Rubia TIR products with their Pro-Efficient technology form a strong protective layer on the metal surfaces avoiding direct contact in between moving engine parts thus minimising mechanical wear.

Pro-Efficient Technology thanks to its right combination of extra resistant anti-wear molecules and viscosity modifiers helps to maintain the oil film intact even under extreme conditions, resulting in improved engine longevity.

Benefits of Pro-Efficient Technology

  • Increased uptime and lower maintenance costs
  • Outstanding protection against mechanical wear
  • Longer Engine Life
  • Lower oil consumption

Rubia Fleet

The Rubia Fleet Range is designed for high mileage trucks that are operating within very difficult road and fuel conditions. These products exceed the performance standards defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) and meet the requirements of major Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers.

Thanks to their Clean-Shield Technology, Rubia Fleet products keep engines cleaner, even in the presence of hi-sulphur fuels, ensuring engine protection against mechanical wear and making engines run more smoothly for a longer time.

Using high levels of active detergent molecules, RUBIA Fleet neutralises acidic species and protects the engine against corrosion. Clean Shield Technology with its high Total Base Number (TBN) content is specially designed to keep the engine parts clean and to ensure protection against corrosion and wear, making your engines run more smoothly for a longer time.

Benefits of Clean-Shield Technology

  • Keeps engine parts clean
  • Exceeds API and ACEA Specifications
  • Longer engine life
  • Lower oil consumption

To find out more about the Rubia range of heavy-duty diesel engine oils, talk to Finol Oils, the authorised partner of TotalEnergies for the Irish market. Visit  or contact its technical team at 01-455 5484.