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Maximising vehicle uptime with DS Diagnostics

Workshop operation is changing due to the “new normal” and downtime is changing too, according to Delphi Technologies.

“Downtime is the thing your customers are trying to avoid at all costs, except it’s really hard to measure what down time costs are for certain,” a spokesperson for Delphi said.

“Fleets know what vehicle downtime could involve but they can never know how it would affect them exactly. Downtime is the unknown but vehicle uptime (when a vehicle is able to perform its intended function) is much more knowable, with a range of benefits fleets can actually track and measure.

“So instead of just avoiding downtime, help fleets to increase their vehicle uptime with the help of Delphi Technologies.

“Even through 2020 we continued to expand the capabilities of our DS Diagnostics solution. We increased the applications in our heavy duty so ware resulting in coverage of 76 VM brands, 704 models, and 17,429 unique system selections now at the technician’s finger tips.”

They continued: “We added electric bus coverage for selected Mercedes-Benz and Volvo models in the same diagnostic tool so you can invite more buses into your workshop including those that have a varied model mix.

“The range of new diagnostic tasks includes VIN decoding, offering the technician a quicker and easier vehicle selection by VIN, saving valuable time.

“We also released our guided diagnostic solution for heavy-duty and LCV, DTC-Assist, which supports the technician during the process of failure root cause identification.

“These developments make it even quicker and easier to unlock the benefits of essential preventative maintenance for your fleet customers instead of just minimum maintenance.

“With their vehicles on the road more and performing better fleets can benefit from increased service hours, customer satisfaction, and reputation. Downtime represents the fear of the unknown but uptime will always come out on top.”