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DT Spare Parts talks truck sensor repairs

In a new workshop video from the ‘Parts Specialists’ of DT Spare Parts, Lars and Kevin address the topic of sensors, using the example of a truck. They highlight what kind of faults there may be and how to carry out repairs easily and correctly.

The two ‘Parts Specialists’ take a look at a truck that keeps indicating “Coolant”. Since the coolant level is fine, they take a look at the electrical system; the corresponding sensor is quickly located.

Kevin explains: “It has a magnet inside, which means it has two different positions. It is either full, as it is now, or it is empty – and it will display two different values accordingly.”

They check the resistance and find that there is nothing wrong with the sensor. The next step is to check whether the fault can be found in the wiring harness, perhaps due to a broken cable or a chafing point.

In their video, Lars and Kevin show exactly what one needs to look out for. The two also provide some practical information on other sensors, such as how they work.

Lars notes that “the sensors are sometimes located within a large component – in other words, some of them cannot be replaced individually” and to always “note the manufacturer’s information and if you need to, replace the entire component or the entire part”.

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