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AAG relies on TecDoc to further increase e-commerce success

In the automotive sector, digitisation and Covid-19 have triggered a long-term disruption. As consumers shift to digital platforms, e-commerce in the automotive aftermarket is expanding.

Alliance Automotive Group (AAG), a leading distributor of passenger and commercial vehicle parts in the European independent aftermarket, sees the Data Quality Management (DQM) Initiative driven by TecDoc as a critical success factor.

AAG supplies automotive parts to more than 30,000 workshops, auto centres, fast fitters, transport operators, and body shops throughout Europe. AAG Germany serves the aftermarket through a distribution network that includes three large independent trading companies – Coler, Bush and Hennig.

“AAG is all about selling replacement parts, workshop equipment and consumables online,” said Andreas Leusbrock, head of e-commerce at AAG Germany. “There is a growing set of new players such as online dealers and online platforms that are filling the niche between workshops and end customers. They are redefining the customer experience and distribution channels.”

Leusbrock has had more than 20 years’ experience with TecDoc Catalogue data, as both a data supplier and a TecDoc user.

AAG sees three major features to help traders to stay successful in the independent Automotive Aftermarket: reliability, a wide range of products, and easy searching for customers.

“Reliability and a comprehensive product range are our bread and butter. For ‘easy searching’ we rely entirely on TecDoc. The TecDoc Catalogue data is integrated into our platforms. We know that our AAG catalogues are only as good as the quality of the underlying data and information”, Leusbrock added.

“That is why the data quality from TecDoc is a critical success factor. It facilitates the identification of exactly the right part from the product line, making it easier for us to sell parts online and reducing errors. Customers have a positive experience when they can identify parts correctly, quickly and reliably from TecDoc Catalogue data.”

Continuously since 2020, TecAlliance, one of the world’s leading data specialists for the digital automotive aftermarket, has been running a data quality offensive to optimise data quality in the TecDoc Catalogue.

As vehicles become more and more complex, high-quality data is needed to pinpoint the differentiating features workshop customers need. Only accurate and complete data permit distinction among products for the same vehicle and ensure correct product/vehicle allocation.

Leusbrock said: “Data Quality Management (DQM) optimises our daily data management processes. We want to become more efficient, and we can do this with the quality of data we receive from TecDoc.

“For us, it will mean a higher percentage of online orders, especially in particular product groups where they are lower. I hope that the improved quality of the TecDoc Catalogue data will help customers to accurately identify replacement parts through better descriptions, reducing the need for the IAM to use OE identification systems.”

TecAlliance says it has always been committed to improving data quality and establishing uniform industry standards such as the TecDoc Standard. One element of the DQM initiative is a new set of rules with additional validations and key performance indicators (KPIs) that supports parts manufacturers in improving their product data.

“I am glad to see that the industry is on board because all these changes will lead to greater standardisation of data so that ultimately we can sell more products in the IAM,” Leusbrock continued.

“We obtain the TecDoc data via monthly data packages. And every month we receive better data. DQM increases customer confidence in buying online. More orders – fewer returns. And that is exactly what we would like to achieve.”