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Survey reveals highest petrol and diesel prices in Ireland

Galway and Dublin are currently two of the most expensive counties on average in Ireland to fuel a van or car, according to a new national survey carried out by the Irish Independent.

It found that the average petrol price has risen to an all-time high of €1.72 a litre, while diesel has increased to €1.63.

The survey of 260 service stations across Ireland found the highest average price for a litre of unleaded petrol was in Co ­Galway at €1.74, followed by Dublin and Cavan at €1.73.

The Irish Independent survey says Galway, Kildare, Wicklow and Wexford are the most expensive counties for a litre of diesel, at €1.64.

Meanwhile, the survey says the lowest price for a litre of petrol and diesel was recorded at the same service station in Co Laois at €1.64 and €1.54 respectively.

The highest price for a litre of petrol, according to the survey, was in Co Meath at €1.77, while the most expensive price recorded for diesel was €1.66 in Kildare.

At this point in 2020, the national average price of a litre of unleaded was €1.25 and diesel was €1.17.