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Stay cool with febi water pumps

The water pump performs arguably the most important task in liquid cooling of the engine by generating the coolant circulation. The coolant absorbs the heat from hot components, e.g. from the engine block or cylinder head. Then it is pumped on further to the radiator. Here the heat is removed from the coolant by the airflow or the fan and transferred to the surrounding air.

The water pump must therefore operate at maximum performance in every vehicle. Only optimal coolant circulation ensures the perfect operation of the engine. This is why febi relies on its know-how as a manufacturer for this important product group.

Production Precision
febi says it counts on the highest levels of precision in the in-house production of Water Pumps. Thanks to the use of fully automatic machines, digital measuring technology and 100 per cent leak tightness tests, and strict adherence to tolerances, we ensure trustworthy OE-matching quality.

Each year around 30,000 commercial Water Pumps alone are manufactured on modern CNC machines in our production plant near the company headquarters in Ennepetal.

Manufacturing Highlights

  • State of the art – Fully automated mechanical processing of the water pump casing
  • Dependability – The use of robots ensure high quality for every component
  • Engineering know-how – Manufactured in state-of-the-art 5-axis machining centres
  • Cooling system safety – Casings are 100 per cent burr and chip-free
  • High Precision – 100 per cent testing of the pump casing by our qualified metrologists
  • Certification – All installed components are subject to our Incoming Goods Inspection according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Double Testing – 100 per cent Vacuum leak test are carried out twice
  • 1st leak test – Carried out after mechanical processing: Only 100 per cent leak-proof casings reach our assembly
  • 2nd leak test – Carried out after installation of the shaft seal: Faulty assembly is therefore excluded

febi claims to offer more than 130 Water Pumps covering around 90 per cent of the “Big 7” European truck manufacturer vehicles. Manufactured in OE-matching quality, each component provides a long service life and excellent fitting accuracy.

For optimal engine temperature under all operating conditions, you can rely on spare parts by febi Truck. When it comes to engine thermal management, febi offers the widest portfolio in the automotive aftermarket. All febi components meet the high OE quality requirements.

The comprehensive Engine Thermal Management range from febi also includes:

  • Thermostats
  • Coolant Expansion Tanks
  • Fan Couplings
  • Radiator Hoses
  • Radiators

To see the full range of Engine Thermal Management components from febi visit