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Prinx Chengshan presents truck tyres in Europe for first time

Prinx Chengshan, manufacturers of the Austone range of tyres, which are distributed in Ireland by Euro Tyre Sales, has launched its commercial vehicle tyre programme throughout Europe at this year’s NUFAM 2021.

The event, which took place from September 29 to October 3 in Karlsruhe, Germany, saw the company present its diverse range of Austone tyres for trucks, buses, and trailers for use in regional transport, long-haul transport and on construction sites, along with van tyres under the Fortune Tires brand.

The range of truck, bus and trailer tyres has been specially developed for the high demands of the European market in terms of product quality as well as range diversity and, according to Peter Kraus, senior product manager at Prinx Chengshan Tire Europe GmbH, has excellent segment-specific product characteristics.

“For regional and long haul transport, this is reflected in high mileage, outstanding wet grip and thus in safety and reliability”, Kraus said.

For the products used on construction sites the company has paid special attention to robustness and traction, in addition to the self-cleaning tread design, to provide users with the highest possible safety and mobility, even under the most difficult conditions of use.

Kraus said: “High-performance tyres designed for durability, safety and mobility lead to high mileage and better fuel economy. We help hauliers reduce their CO2 emissions and fuel consumption with tyres optimised for rolling resistance.

“We develop tyres that perform over the long term, so that they can be used until they reach the legal wear limit and then be retreaded: one of the main ways Prinx Chengshan ensures that fewer resources are used. A good decision to achieve sustainable mobility.

“From regional and long-haul transport to construction sites, we thus offer sustainable and high- performance tyres.”

Prinx Chengshan has more than 46 years of experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing quality tyres for the entire global market.

The products of the commercial vehicle segment are manufactured in the company’s own plant in Thailand, which dispose of state-of-the-art ISO-certified production facilities equipped with innovative 4.0 technologies. The production capacity of up to seven million truck, bus and trailer tyres per year ensures high product availability.

Prinx Chengshan Tire Europe expects the launch of its commercial vehicle tyres to be another milestone for Prinx Chengshan in Europe. A first step towards this was its participation at NUFAM, with the presentation of Austone Tires truck, bus and trailer tyres and Fortune Tires van tyres.

Prinx Chengshan presents truck tyres in Europe for first time at NUFAM 2021. Image: Prinx Chengshan.