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Hella invests in road safety and visibility

Whether it’s illumination for the driver when on the move, the work area when loading and unloading, or even when operating in the highway, Hella has a host of auxiliary lighting products for both tractor unit and trailer, which maximise road safety and visibility.

From increasing road safety, to maintaining a well-lit view of the road ahead, the demands on commercial vehicle lighting are high. In addition, their individual appearance is becoming more important, which is what lead Hella to introduce the Jumbo LED auxiliary headlamp series.

The Jumbo LED auxiliary high beam headlamp combines function and design into one product with a characteristic light signature adopted from the EdgeLight technology that Hella developed for the automotive sector. The striking trim in the upper part of the headlamp was inspired by the round Luminator LED auxiliary headlamp, which was launched in 2019.

A great advantage of LED technology is that the light colour is similar to daylight, which contributes to reducing driver fatigue, but also is the instantaneous high beam light signal that enables the use of the headlamp flasher function. The Jumbo LED is available in two mounting versions, either for upright or pendant installation and boasts an impact-resistant, lightweight housing made of thermoplastic, provides high energy efficiency with low power consumption and is suitable for both 12 and 24 volt systems.

Alongside the Jumbo LED stands the Light Bar 470 PO, another LED light source that provides long distance penetration in the dark, as well as daytime running light safety and recognition, during daylight driving. Its low energy consumption characteristics, allied to its low profile design and light weight make it a highly efficient lighting solution for both 12 and 24 volt systems.

Although powerful and efficient work lamps are essential to enable those loading or unloading vehicles, or working adjacent to them if maintaining the highway, for example, to operate in safety, light can also be used for other welfare purposes, such as illuminating danger zones.

As a result, Hella harnessed the potential that innovative lighting technology affords when it introduced its Visiotech projection module, which is suitable for applications from 12 to 48-volts.

With this small, but versatile addition, danger zones around the vehicle can be optically marked out, so that everyone in the affected area can be warned and protected. Previously, physical signs or barriers would have needed to be erected, which both costs time and takes resource away from the actual job in hand.

Using illumination technology, Hella’s Visiotech light module can project a suitable warning symbol, such as an exclamation mark or hazardous area chevrons, onto the ground and so optically warn other vehicles or passers-by, drawing attention to any danger or to delineate certain work areas.

In addition, other projection symbols can be developed in collaboration with customers, which could be especially important in the construction and mining industries, where the danger zone can clearly and easily be identified for everyone on site, when shovels or dump trucks are being unloaded, for example.

Other scenarios include when employees working for municipal services have to regularly step down from the cab and are exposed to serious danger from other road users, or for trucks, ambulances and emergency vehicles, that require loading or safety areas that need to be clearly marked and highlighted.

With the Visiotech projection module solution, Hella has enabled work safety and security during routine operations, to be significantly enhanced, no matter whether it’s day or night.

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