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Heavy-duty turbos from Nissens

Nissens Automotive has a reputation for providing the independent sector with matching original equipment (OE) quality replacement components and repair solutions, and in addition to its renowned thermal management expertise, its aftermarket offering also includes turbochargers for heavy-duty applications, alongside its light commercial vehicle (LCV) range.

The Nissens turbo offering falls within the company’s Engine Efficiency & Emissions product category and consists of almost 20 OE part numbers that cater for 240 OE references, which span the most popular European truck models and complement the company’s LCV offering that includes 150 part numbers for 1,750 OE references.

The company says it has used the know-how from its passenger car turbocharger programme combined with the decades of experience as a top-tier truck parts manufacturer, to design parts that live up to the already established ‘Genuine Nissens Quality’.

Birger Strand, turbo business manager at Nissens Automotive elaborates: “We understand the immense importance of quality, reliability and performance when it comes to commercial vehicles.

“After successfully developing passenger car and LCV turbos, we knew that we were in a comfortable position to develop these advanced engine components for the highly demanding truck segment.

“The expertise we have already gained with truck engine cooling and climate comfort systems parts, as well our unique and fully matured turbocharger know-how, has enabled us to reach higher and take the next step in the turbo business.

“With Nissens truck turbos, we aim to deliver some of the aftermarket’s best performing products for the commercial vehicle (CV) segment and a highly competitive turbo solution for our customers.”

Over the years, Nissens has developed a concept, marked as ‘Genuine Nissens Quality’. In essence, it focuses on pushing what can be expected of aftermarket products even further. With the company’s background as not only a premium manufacturer with advanced in-house design, test, and validation capabilities, but also as one of the few dedicated aftermarket manufacturers to obtain Ford’s Q1 certification, Nissens has from the very start been able to handle the critical task of truck turbo development.

Christian Germain Rosendahl, product manager, efficiency & emission at Nissens Automotive says: “We have developed a product with a unique design where we took care to focus on re-engineering the turbo’s inner parts and to attend to every detail.

“Our turbochargers therefore provide an excellent replacement for the original part as they will deliver the same power, emissions performance, and fuel consumption.

“In addition, they are easy to install, which is why we know they are the ideal replacement solution for the CV workshop.”

Nissens’ turbochargers have been thoroughly tested and calibrated to ensure the most optimal turbo flow for the best engine performance. In addition to matching the performance standards, Nissens’ commitment to the aftermarket means that it has also thought about the concerns of both those ordering and installing the components.

As a result, each replacement turbo is a new, outright purchase unit, that comes without surcharge or the need to return the old unit. When it comes to installation, each is designed to mirror the existing vehicle system and engine layout, and comes with all the important additional parts, like gaskets or stretch-bolts, that are needed to make fitting an easy and straightforward process, as well as comprehensive fitting instructions in both printed and online formats.

All the related technical product information, including high-quality pictures, for the entire Nissens turbo system offering can be found in its own catalogues, as well as in TecDoc.

Nissens is a byword for technical support, so in addition to comprehensive fitting instructions, the company also provides technicians with a host of reference information to help them understand the issues, diagnose faults and ensure they are able to fit the replacement items with complete confidence, and successfully complete the job and get it right, first time.

Nissens has made all its recently launched product details available in its virtual showroom, which can be found at: