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Osram unveils Truckstar Pro range update

Osram has updated the features in its well established, powerful Truckstar Pro range; for a brighter light offering for the CV market.

Ideal for professional drivers, these bright 24-volt bulbs are built with vibration resistant technology to handle heavy duty applications. Their excellent durability and 2.5 times longer lifetime, helps reduce downtime and fleet costs – according to Osram – ensuring truck fleets stay on the road for longer.

The automotive lighting specialist claims the latest Truckstar Pro bulbs provide up to 120 per cent more brightness that allows drivers to see further and react quicker. The company adds that theĀ Truckstar Pro is the most powerful range of halogen truck bulbs from Osram.

Osram also offers customers a handy calculator tool for fleet operators to work out their individual annual requirement for replacement bulbs. It also shows them how much money can be saved by installing Truckstar Pro bulbs.

The new and improved Truckstar Pro range consists of five upgrade halogen headlight bulbs (H1, H3, H4, H7 and H11 ECE types in single box and duo packs), seven auxiliary bulbs (W5W, R5W, R10W, P21W, P21/5W, PY21W and T4W) and one H7 bulb kit, the ideal offering for keeping in the cab when on the road.

A spokesperson for Osram said: “Designed with safety in mind, the specialist technology from Osram will light up the darkest of environments, and the uniform light distribution provides a clear view across the entire width of the road, helping CV drivers to focus on longer drives and when making those important deliveries.

“All Osram bulbs are rigorously tested under the most extreme environmental conditions to ensure premium quality light for any situation.”