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Mercedes-Benz batteries have the power

Modern trucks have a lot to do and a reliable battery is essential to get the job started and get charging. Mercedes-Benz genuine batteries power your truck even in demanding weather conditions, not to mention running the air conditioning or heating in the living and sleeping areas, during long journeys.

Further advantages include excellent cold-start properties, a high load-bearing capacity, lack of required maintenance, a long service life and a 24 month warranty.

The Mercedes-Benz battery range includes EFB and AGM batteries.

EFB Batteries
The Mercedes-Benz EFB battery is an improved wet battery, and offers top performance and improved cycle stability.

Patented mixing elements reduce capacity loss and keep the charge absorption at a high level with excellent vibration resistance.

These batteries are ideal for applications where there is an increased power requirement. With a long shelf life of up to 15 months, the batteries are maintenance free according to EN 50342 and feature PureLead AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology.

AGM Batteries
Mercedes-Benz AGM batteries holds all the battery acid in an absorbent glass wallpaper, meaning it is no longer a wet battery, delivering premium power for the highest requirements.

They also deliver increased cycle strength by a factor of up to 10 compared to traditional wet batteries and longer service life than EFB batteries.

Mercedes-Benz reports that they are significantly less sensitive to deep discharging than the EFB batteries and offer good resistance to acid layering.

They are ideally suited to residential use, especially when used with stationary air conditioning systems.

A diagnosis app provides information about the current battery level at all times. AGM batteries have an extremely long shelf life of up to 24 months and are maintenance free in accordance with EN 50342

Contact your local authorised Mercedes-Benz Truck dealer for details.