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Don’t burn tyres on bonfires this Halloween

Continental Tyres in Ireland is advising people not to burn tyres on Halloween bonfires this year. Aside from the environmental impact of such reckless behaviour, there is a strong public health reason not to place tyres on a bonfire.

Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres Ireland said: “We would strongly advise against burning tyres on a bonfire, for, aside from it being illegal, smoke from burning tyres carries toxins that are detrimental to both humans and animals.

The residue from burnt tyres can also be very damaging to the environment. In fact, the only safe way to burn a tyre is in a concrete kiln which has a sophisticated filtration systems in place to neutralise any toxins.”

Dennigan points out that particularly for 2021 when COP26 – the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference – kicks off in Glasgow on October 31, the date of Halloween, we should make an extra special effort to reduce the environmental impact of the traditional bonfire.

“It is really never a good idea to burn tyres on a bonfire but given the added focus on climate change for this year’s Halloween as it coincides with COP26, we need to be extra mindful about making sure the celebration is safe for all who attend and that it causes as little environmental damage as possible.

“As an alternative to kiln incineration, tyres can be recycled in a number of environmentally-friendly ways. Similar to all tyre producers in Ireland, Continental works with Repak ELT, the designated body for finding sustainable outcomes for end of life tyres as approved by the Irish government’s Department of Environment, Climate and Communications,” concludes Dennigan.