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ZF highlights new safety tech for commercial vehicle industry

Through its new Commercial Vehicle Solutions division, ZF says it will offer 360 degrees of truck and trailer safety.

With the successful integration of Wabco, ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions division, set to launch next January, is focused on delivering intelligent and function-led technologies and systems required for future autonomous, connected and electric commercial vehicles.

ZF is currently showcasing at TMC Fall 2021 in Cleveland, OH, its suite of innovations that to help shield the truck and trailer from potential hazards through detection and dynamic control.

These technologies include collision avoidance, lane change assist, safety during reversing operations, and steering.

OnGuardMAX – flagship safety system

ZF says its OnGuardMAX combines sophisticated data integration with state-of-the-art camera and radar sensors to detect, classify and react to moving and stationary vehicles and objects.

The system is designed to warn the driver of imminent collisions and, if necessary, can autonomously bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

This advanced object detection and autonomous braking capability further enables the new ZF system to help prevent or mitigate accidents involving vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. Other features include lane departure warning, road departure braking, traffic sign recognition and safety distance support.

OnSideALERT passive lane change assist – protects vehicle passenger and driver sides

A radar-based, blind-spot detection system that supports drivers merging into adjacent lanes by checking them for clearance and for the first time is applicable to both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle.

The advanced driver assistance system enables coverage of the entire side of a standard Class 8 truck and 53-foot trailer and is designed to effectively address side collisions and helps to prevent or mitigate truck crashes by alerting drivers of moving vehicles in the blind spot at speeds of around 24km/h and above.

TailGUARD – increases vehicle safety during reversing operations

A reversing collision avoidance system with automatic braking, ZF claims its TailGUARD is designed to detect small, large, static and moving objects in the blind spot behind the vehicle, automatically stopping the vehicle at a safe distance and helping to prevent collisions.

Activated when reversing, sensors monitor approximately six feet behind the vehicle and trigger vehicle brakes automatically if the brake is not applied at two feet from the object.

ReAX – adaptive steering on the road

ZF says its ReAX steering system is designed to adapt to signals from the vehicle and analyses driver input to provide smoother, more precise steering, helping to improve performance and reduce driver fatigue.

TrailerCAST – provides fleet intelligence through telematics

Trailer telematics is engineered to interpret and broadcast critical events enabling deeper fleet intelligence and delivering real-time vehicle insights to help maximise uptime.

Powered by ZF cloud connectivity, TrailerCAST enables GPS position tracking and critical issue alerts. It also supports fleets with optimised planning of maintenance cycles.