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febi offers coolant flange for various Mercedes-Benz models

febi has highlighted its coolant flange with fuel filter holder to fit various Mercedes-Benz models.

Product number 172632 is a multifunctional component which serves as a fuel filter retaining bracket for many Mercedes-Benz models using the 2.2-litre diesel engine.

It is also an integral part of the cooling system and contains many connection points. However, one of these connection points is common to failure. Over time, the connection to the cylinder head weakens which leads to a poor seal to the engine and a possible coolant leak.

As a result, this new febi part has been produced from a reinforced glass fibre polyamide which has an improved and strengthened connection to the cylinder head. Three fixing points are also provided, instead of the original two, alongside all of the necessary fixing components.

This coolant flange is part of the febiPlus range. A spokesperson for febi said: “With febiPlus we can often exclusively offer articles to the market that are otherwise only available from original equipment and the vehicle manufacturers. This range is constantly been expanded.”