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febi adds new window regulators and motors to range

Window regulators are installed inside the vehicle’s doors meaning they are relatively protected, but they are still exposed to vibrations that occur when doors are closed shut.

As a result, the mechanism can get damaged or connections can become loose. In addition, the electric motors can fail resulting in the need for replacement.

febi Truck claims to provide the solution with a wide range of window regulators and motors manufactured in OE-matching quality backed by a three-year manufacturer guarantee. This recently extended range now includes additional parts to fit Scania P, G, R, S Series trucks (2016-).

A spokesperson for the company said: “febi Truck aims to introduce up to 100 new parts every month. All new parts are rigorously tested before they become part of the febi range, to ensure they measure up to the exacting standards required.

“Only after undergoing several stages of testing, and quality management, will new parts become available to the market.

“You can be assured that all febi components are manufactured to the highest standards and can be fitted to any vehicle without invalidating the original manufacturer’s warranty.”