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Electrical coils from febi for Euro 6 vehicles

Vehicles that meet the Euro 6 emission standard are very efficiently designed. The engine and its surroundings have a modern thermal management system, which ensures smart control of the water pump and cooling water temperature.

Also, the air flow of the engine waste heat has been optimised. For example, when driving slowly in traffic jams or in the city in combination with high outside temperatures, the air temperature in the area between the driver‘s cab and trailer can rise to as much as 125°C due to heat waste from the engine.

For this reason, there are electrical coils that can withstand these temperatures without damage.

Compared to the standard, non-heat-resistant coil, febi claims its 15-pin, 125°C electric coil (part number 171799) has more than a 40 per cent higher restoring force when heated. The coil which is not heat-resistant remains elongated and cannot be used any further, as it will sag and could come into contact with other vehicle parts.

In addition to electrical coils, febi says it offers a comprehensive range of plugs, sockets, and adapters in OE matching quality for all common applications in the commercial vehicle sector.