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New range of Gaither bead bazookas from Techplus

Workshop tools and equipment specialists, Techplus Ltd, offers the latest range of Gaither’s new next-gen bead bazookas.

Suited for cars, light commercial vehicles, ATVs and motorcycles, the company claims the new range produces twice the bead seating power in half the size, compared to its predecessor.

The new range of bead bazookas offer three-way control cluster, which combines an intake valve, pressure gauge and safety valve in one convenient and comfortable location.

A two-inch R.A.R. valve releases twice as much air as old bazookas and is fully serviceable and replaceable, according to the manufacturer.

A new barrel has a patented shape which accelerates the release of air through the exhaust for a power blast with less recoil.

Hugh Brady, managing director, Techplus said: “Gaither’s bead bazooka combines the unique rapid air release technology and easiest-to-handle tank for seating tubeless tyre beads.

“Simply fill the tank, aim the redesigned double barrel, and fire. The instantaneous blast of air from the six litre tank will work on truck (including super singles), passenger, motorcycle, ATV and small AG tyres.”

For more information contact Techplus on 01 404 9060 or visit