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Goodyear launches Sustainable Reality Survey in Europe

Goodyear has initiated the Sustainable Reality Survey, inviting European transport and logistics companies to share their insights contributing to more sustainable transportation.

Climate change and environmental sustainability are high on the agenda of both regulators and industry players. In 2019 the European Green Deal was introduced targeting a 90 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from transport, compared with 1990 levels.

In 2020, the EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, including 82 initiatives for the next four years. The strategy is supporting the green and digital transformation of the transport ecosystem while becoming more resilient to cope with future disruptions.

In total transportation accounts for 25 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. CO2 emissions of new heavy-truck trucks are targeted to reduce by 15 per cent in 2025 and 30 per cent by 2030 as measured by Vecto.

On top of the acceleration of the regulatory agenda, customers are including more ‘environmental focused’ requirements in their RFQ’s and end-consumers want to buy more from companies caring for the planet. In daily operations of commercial fleets, the shift towards greener mobility while staying competitive and assuring on-time delivery is requiring a clear strategy and smart actions.

The Sustainable Reality Survey initiated by Goodyear is described as a straightforward inquiry on what transportation partners are currently doing to reduce carbon footprint as well as their future plans.

It aims to reveal what truck fleets and transport companies are achieving in terms of sustainability – and the everyday commercial obstacles that are in their way. No greenwashing but a real-life look at sustainability in practice.

As a recognition for each fleet respondent completing the survey, Goodyear says it is planting a tree in collaboration with Tree-Nation, a non-profit organisation coordinating reforestation efforts worldwide in a unique platform.

The survey is available by clicking here.