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Diesel Technic demonstrates replacing the air dryer unit

In their new video, ‘Parts Specialists’ Lars and Kevin focus on replacing the airdryer unit in a truck.

The Parts Specialists from Diesel Technic demonstrate what to do if a vehicle does not build up enough pressure and give helpful tips and tricks on what to pay attention to.

To start with, Lars and Kevin check the operating pressure. Since this is different for each vehicle, you should first find out what the operating pressure of the particular vehicle is.

When they release the pressure, the two note that in this case it is a drainage valve, with water having collected in this pressure vessel. When this happens, the problem lies either with the air dryer or with the air dryer cartridge.

The duo also shows their viewers what to look out for when checking the outlet pressure on the air compressor and the 4-circuit protection valve.

In their case, Lars and Kevin discover that there is a fault in their truck’s air dryer, which they then remove. They use this opportunity to explain the function of the part and to show that it comes in various designs.

The vehicle-specific models as well as other add-on components, such as the air tank and the drainage valve that goes with it, can be found in the Partner Portal.

The Parts Specialists then go ahead to point out different fault error patterns in this episode – it is important to always first figure out exactly what the fault is, because only then can the cause be removed.

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