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360 degree view of your tank with Nero tank management

Storage tanks are imperative to any industrial operation. By not having an adequate monitoring system in place, businesses leave themselves open to quantity errors, overfilling and even increased downtime due to a lack of stock.

All these issues can be easily avoided with the right system and tools in place, removing human error.

That is why Finol Oils, an authorised partner of Total Lubricants, supply Nero Tank Management to the Irish market. A stand out addition to Finols innovative suite of services, this state-of-the-art system highlights the company’s dedication to designing the most advanced applications for its stockists and customers alike.

Nero brings with it a vast array of features and advancements that have been built and refined over several years. Designed using in-depth customer feedback, research and studies, Nero provides users with a completely personalised tank management system, where they can find out the essential information that they need, any place, any time.

How does Nero work?
Once an in-depth survey has been carried out on-site by a member of Finol’s technical team, an ultrasonic device is fitted to your storage container. This device will then send out an alert once the levels dip.

Nero receives the information immediately, and a delivery from Finol is organised ensuring your tank never runs out! Nero will also design a number of usage reports that can be accessed at any stage giving you a 360 degree view of your tank.

Features of Nero Include:

    • Accessibility: Nero provides a wealth of information to users including liquid level, fill volume, sudden drop alert and consumption data to name but a few. This information is given in an easy to use, visual design ensuring that it is extremely simple to understand and use.
    • Adaptive Design: No matter what device you are using, whether a desktop computer, iPhone or Android system, Nero will adapt directly to your device and provide you with the best experience possible.
    • Personalised Alerts: Nero can be completely tailored to ensure that you only receive information that is relevant for your business. You can set up personalised alerts to be sent to you and your team at specific usage levels, sudden drop occurrence and low-level alerts. You control the information you want to see.
    • One-Click Order Top-Up: Nero provides a quick and easy order system for customers to use. Once you feel the need for a top-up, press the button on your dashboard and immediately send a top-up order to the Finol office.
    • Projected Run Out Dates: Through regular usage, Nero’s Artificial Intelligence will generate projected run out dates for your tanks, ensuring that you can order accordingly and completely remove downtime.
    • Detailed Usage Reports: Nero generates extremely detailed usage reports design in an extremely simple manner. This information can highlight critical information such as busy periods, average daily usage, trends and order history. These reports can also be tailored to ensure you find out that information that is relevant to you.

Benefits of Nero include:

  • Peace of mind as you see tank levels anytime from anywhere.
  • Continuous and accurate visibility of your tank allows for better budget and consumption management, while also allowing you to forecast run out dates.Procurement is based on real-time data reducing downtime exponentially.
  • Theft/drain alerts, along with consumption monitoring ensures that any unusual usage is highlighted immediately.
  • Nero can be self-managed or Finol managed, guaranteeing that your tank levels are always at your optimum level.

Nero is currently available from Finol Oils today. To organise a site visit from one of Finol’s technical team members go to and fill in a contact form or call 01-455 5484.