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Jaltest and AGE Ltd have the answers

Independent workshops that have to repair and maintain a wide range of vehicles across a number of different brands are struggling to keep their diagnostic capabilities up to date. Jaltest, represented in Ireland by AGE Ltd., has the answers.

The commercial vehicle industry in Ireland has seen dramatic changes in engine technology to improve vehicle performance and comply with legislation such as Euro 4, 5 or 6 over the past decade.

AGE Ltd., represents the Jaltest range of diagnostic equipment in Ireland for trucks, trailers, buses, light commercial vehicles, agriculturial vehicles, construction & plant, and now material handling equipment.

The Jaltest multi-brand diagnostic tool comes with feature rich software, that allows the tool to be used in the workshop or at the roadside. Calibrations, parameter copy and paste, system checks are just some of the special functions available.

Jaltest software is constantly being updated to cater for the progressions within the vehicles coming to the marketplace or those already on the road.

Innovation and ease of use are important factors in trying to help workshops get vehicles back on the road more quickly and Jaltest contains a number of significant features that are directed at making it easier for the technician to use and improving effectiveness within the workshop.

All tools come with an attractive, intuitive and functional user interface, which presents information in an easy to read format. This includes the ability to choose icon sets and even colours to help make the screen formats even more pleasant and productive.

Jaltest software has been designed for ease of use, with the introduction of the various buttons and icons it delivers a user-friendly experience for the technician.

Typically, to make it easier for the user, the main software toolbar has buttons in place for shortcuts to any new applications. With just one click the technician can print, take a screenshot, access the help menu, delve into comprehensive wiring diagrams, including fuse boxes and fuel supply diagrams, view components, their location and function.

Once the diagnosis has been completed, a report is automatically generated and saved, which can be then printed and presented to the customer detailing works carried out on their vehicle.

Trailer Valve replacement
Replacing the valve on a trailer can prove difficult, but not with the copy/paste function of the Jaltest tool, simply read the valve before removal, copy the parameters, replace the valve and write the saved parameters to the new valve, easy….no codes needed, ever..

Trouble shooting by symptoms
When a fault is not detected by an ECU there will be no warning lights or DTC given and many diagnostics products would then leave the user without further guidance.

Jaltest is different and offers a “Troubleshooting by Symptoms” mode of operation guiding the user towards a diagnosis and solution with searchable symptoms and step by step guided procedures.

Electronic Test Module (ETM)
The ETM is a facility that is unique to Jaltest and used to verify the EBS Valves on commercial vehicles. It is bought as a separate kit that links directly into software that is already present within the main Jaltest software.

The Jaltest ETM tool connect directly with the EBS valve, by passing all control ECU’s and by performing test and activations directly, determines if the modulator is operating correctly, ensuring the correct parts are replaced. In the past, modulators have often been changed when, if the ETM was available, it would not have been necessary and the workshop could have saved themselves and their customer time and money in finding the solution.

All of the elements of the Jaltest package benefit from technical support and training through AGE Ltd. Training is carried out on-site where technicians can discover how they can improve their diagnostic skills and productivity within their own working environment.

AGE Ltd says there are three key factors in buying a modern diagnostic product: the right unit, right technical support and right training. With the AGE Ltd / Jaltest combination workshops can be assured that all three elements are in place.

Operators can be assured that a Jaltest diagnostic tool, with the right training and technical support will result in a guaranteed fix, first time at the lowest cost.

For more information contact Willie Barry from AGE Ltd on +353 (0)87 9172409