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ZF transmission parts for leading commercial vehicle manufacturers

ZF Aftermarket continuously expands its portfolio of transmission parts for many well known commercial vehicle manufacturers.

The wide ZF product range includes: repair kits, oil filters and the high-performance transmission oil ZF-Ecofluid M. Release forks and the pneumatic release cylinder ConAct are also available under the Sachs brand for many manufacturers.

Modern commercial vehicle transmissions must function reliably, last a very long time and perform heavy-duty work with extreme precision. For these reasons the market relies on sound expertise and professional diagnostic management as well as the highest quality OE products.

ZF says it has been setting standards in driveline technology for decades – with OE know-how and high-quality standards the basis for the development of the range for many leading commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Since commercial vehicle transmissions of all types are exposed to high loads on a daily basis, incorrect operation, defective peripheral vehicle parts or lack of maintenance can lead to damage. In many cases only small parts need replacing, therefore regular maintenance can limit the amount of damage and help avoid high repair costs.

Under the strong ZF product brand, workshops can now obtain components such as planetary carriers, countershafts, double gears, sliding sleeves, bevel gears, synchroniser rings or gears for an extended range of transmissions.

In order to make the search for the right spare part as easy as possible, ZF Aftermarket tells us it offers its customers a catalogue which is linked to the service information and assembly instructions for individual products on the online portal. From there, the continuously updated document can be downloaded to help identify the necessary spare part for the repair with the aid of exploded drawings and original numbers.

In addition to the parts mentioned, oil filters and ZF-Ecofluid M for changing transmission oil are also available under the ZF brand. Corresponding repair kits are also offered for more efficient repairs. For example, the Sachs branded ready-to-assemble complete sets for release forks. In addition, Sachs ConAct – the pneumatic clutch actuation system – ensures perfect operating comfort with particularly low wear when engaging and disengaging the clutch as well as when shifting gears.

The correct functioning of all components and their optimal interaction is essential for the transmission to function properly. Even the smallest deviations, for example in diameter or tolerances, lead to malfunctions. This makes it all the more important to use OE-quality parts for maintenance and repair. In addition, ZF’s worldwide service network with more than 10,000 workshop partners is omnipresent to support the needs of the customer with intelligent maintenance solutions.