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Thermo King Connected solutions for smarter fleet operations

Thermo King Connected, the telematics offering from Thermo King, is enabling international cold chain transport and logistics providers Frigo-Trans and Freight Line Europe to turn data into practical intelligence and deliver maximised value to their respective customers.

The latter is a Dutch provider of logistics services specialising in the refrigerated transport of both fresh produce and other goods between the Netherlands and the UK and France. It has improved its fleet operations by integrating Thermo King Connected Solutions into existing fleet management and track-and-trace systems.

This enables the business to monitor temperature fluctuations in real time, and respond immediately, while also having everything visible on one screen instead of continuously switching between two or three displays.

Marco van Velthoven, fleet manager Freight Line Europe said: “Controlling the cold chain is essential nowadays and customers expect a professional logistics service provider to be able to remotely monitor their trailer movements and temperature fluctuations.

“A professional track-and-trace solution is absolutely indispensable. If a driver accidentally sets a refrigeration unit at +20 instead of -20 degrees Celsius, with the right telematics system we can react immediately and easily remotely adjust the refrigeration unit.

“We turn the data into operational intelligence every day, and Thermo King Connected Solutions tick all the boxes for us.

“Our fleet management team mainly uses the alarm code section, where we can see what problem occurs on each individual trailer unit. Customer services use the tools to immediately show our customers that the goods are transported at the right temperature. The planning team mostly leverages the track and-trace capabilities.”

Germany-based Frigo-Trans has over 25 years of experience in developing and operating tailor-made, end-to-end pharmaceutical logistics. Implementing the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) compliance requirements, Frigo-Trans uses Thermo King Connected Solutions for 24/7 fleet monitoring and complete management of its refrigerated vehicle fleet.

With the telematics system in place, its pharmaceutical customers are assured of smooth distribution operations and reduced risk of damage and wastage of their high value medical and pharmaceutical products.

“We continuously invest in the latest technology and our logistics services to be able to respond flexibly to new demands. Without the connectivity and telematics, we could not run our Cool Chain Control business model,” said Martin Krasinski, managing director at Frigo-Trans.

“We’ve relied on Thermo King’s refrigeration units and their truly unique service network for years. Before we started using Thermo King telematics, we run tests with various other providers. It’s Thermo King Connected Solutions that simply lead the way. They ensure us with continued data transmission, without which we could not qualitatively run and maintain our operations.”

Thermo King is represented in Ireland by Ballinlough Refrigeration.