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OE braking components from febi Truck

febi Truck offers a wide range of more than 730 braking components in OE-matching quality covering 97 per cent of the “Big 7” truck manufacturers.

Presenting one of the highest VIN coverages in the aftermarket, febi says its brake discs and brake pads match or exceed the UN/ECE R90 quality regulation.

Brake Discs
febi offers a wide range of more than 150 brake discs. High-quality casting materials ensure high heat resistance in conjunction with low and even wear for a long lifecycle, providing road safety under all conditions.

Cooling ducts designed for optimal cooling performance prevent overheating and cracks. The precise manufacturing ensures no rubbing or vibrations.

Brake Pads
febi brake pads are specially designed to meet high standards. New brake pads normally need a bedding-in period, but febi claims this is not necessary with its brake pads.

With the high friction bedding-in compound – also known as the tiger stripes – on the brake pads, full braking power is offered from the very beginning. All febi brake pads are delivered with the necessary accessories.

The Braking Components range also includes:

  • Brake shoes
  • Brake camshafts
  • Diaphragm brake cylinders
  • Slack adjusters

febi Trucks provides a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all of its replacement parts.