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Yuasa for super heavy duty batteries

GS Yuasa is the world’s leading battery manufacturer and global leader for quality and innovation. The company manufactures and supplies GS, Yuasa and GS Yuasa branded batteries, all of which are engineered to provide long service life, maximum performance and exceptional reliability.

The GS Yuasa Group consists of 65 subsidiaries and 33 affiliates in countries throughout the world. Founded in 1918, the company has a pedigree of over 100 years and has established itself as the number one choice for vehicle and industrial batteries worldwide.

Super heavy duty batteries
Yuasa’s YBX Super Heavy Duty ranges provide the most comprehensive and highest specification CV offer on the market.

The four-tiered range is available now and provides one of the most comprehensive and highest specification offers on the market.

Based on the battery manufacturer’s market leading YBX automotive ranges, Yuasa’s Super Heavy Duty range features three levels of conventional flooded types, plus Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) options.

Yuasa’s commercial vehicle batteries are already trusted by leading commercial vehicle manufacturers who demand the best and fit GS Yuasa batteries as standard. The new YBX Super Heavy Duty range has been developed to meet the increasing specifications of these top vehicle brands.

Featuring the very latest technology and a host of advanced safety features, all batteries in the range are of Original Equipment (OE) quality and performance. Their advanced construction and unparalleled innovation make them the most reliable commercial vehicle batteries Yuasa has ever produced.

The batteries carry EN50342-1/6 European Standard performance markings. Every battery in the range has undergone extensive performance testing and having passed stringent requirements, has earned a classification number for Water Loss (W1 – W5), Charge Retention (C1 – C2), Vibration Level (V1-V4), Endurance (E1 – E4) or Micro – Cycle performance (M1 – M3).

Batteries in the YBX7000 EFB and YBX5000 ranges feature Yuasa’s XVR Extreme Vibration Resistance. This means that they have a vibration resistance of over eight times V4. V4 is the highest level rating that European standard EN50342 requires. Batteries in these ranges, plus all YBX3000 DIN types, are suitable for rear chassis location fitting.

YBX7000 EFB Series
The YBX7000 EFB series is the premium choice for high power demands, end of chassis location and is also suitable for vehicles with Start – Stop. Built with EFB technology, the series features an electrolyte mixing device to extend battery life and is ideal for frequent overnight stays where hotel loads are applied. Batteries in the range are sealed maintenance free (SMF) with a sealed lid, have XVR and offer an M1 micro-cycle endurance rating.

YBX5000 Series
The YBX5000 series is designed for high performance vehicles with high power demands and for regular overnight stays with hotel loads. They have an M1 micro-cycle endurance rating, XVR and are SMF. They are also suitable for end of chassis location.

YBX3000 Series
The YBX3000 series is the ideal choice for vehicles with standard power demands and occasional overnight stops. These SMF types have an E2 endurance rating. They also have a superior vibration resistance rating of V3 with DIN types being V4 and suitable for end of chassis location.

YBX1000 Series
The YBX1000 series is maintenance free with easy access lid plugs. Designed for vehicles with basic power demands, they have high vibration resistance of V2 and an E2 endurance rating.