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Triangle Tyre introduces the ConneX Van TV701

Triangle Tyre has introduced the ConneX Van TV701, a new summer van tyre to meet the demands of the ever growing light truck segment.

This segment has grown in the last few years due to a significant increase in the city distribution traffic, with shorter distances driven and smaller packages delivered. The opening of new hubs and the restrictions for bigger vehicles from entering the cities, has given the opportunity to a more capillary delivery service, developing a higher demand for light truck tyres.

The high-density continuous block pattern of the ConneX Van TV701 offers a large footprint to increase the tyre contact area and the stiffness, resulting in additional mileage and lower rolling resistance.

The special groove strengthening design prevents groove cracking, allowing the Connex Van to work at its best under high load conditions.

Triangle’ says the ConneX Van also provides an excellent acoustic comfort, thanks to the new visual digital noise filtering technology based on lateral oblique grooves.

Mirco Spiniella, business development director of Triangle Tyre for Europe says: “With the new ConneX Van we are finally approaching the European replacement market with a modern tyre, capable to meet the needs of modern van users and commercial fleets.

“High loading capacity, superb drivability at high speed and excellent mileage are the main characteristics which will determine the satisfaction of our professional clients and the success of our brand-new product.”

The ConneX Van TV701 range is currently available in 16 sizes from 14 to 16 inches.

Triangle Tyre is represented in Ireland by Euro Tyre Sales.