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Kumho’s truck tyre range continues to grow in popularity

Truck tyre sales on the island of Ireland are the responsibility of Kumho’s long-standing distributor, Modern Tyres.

The extensive Kumho range of truck tyres has benefited from significant investment in new technology in recent years and currently features such leading-edge products as:

Recognising the ever-growing demand for multi-purpose tyres, Kumho now offers its 3PMSF marked KXS10 steer and KXD10 drive patterns in 315/70, 295/80 and 315/80R22.5 fitments. The range offers excellent all-season performance across a variety of operational demands, together with increased mileage.

The extra-load, Euro 6 compliant KRS50 regional steer pattern has become a prime option in the sector within which Kumho operates and provides a number of premium equivalents with a degree of healthy competition. This popular pattern is now also available in 295/80, 315/70, 315/80 and 385/65R22.5 XL sizes.

The KRS50’s regional drive axle partner, KRD50, has proved to be a significant improvement over its predecessor. On average, customers have experienced a 10-15 per cent increase in mileage and improved wear performance characteristics, according to Kumho. The KRD50 is now offered in all the main 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5 inch drive sizes.

Relatively new to the line-up is the KRT03, that features a deep and wide tread design for longer mileage and even wear, solid shoulder for equal contact pressure and stone ejectors in all grooves. It is available in 17.5 and 19.5 inch trailer fitments.

Kumho says this tyre is regarded by many as one of the finest mixed service super singles on the market. “This workhorse product has become the mainstay of many fleets in both trailer and steer positions,” the tyre maker says.

For more information on the Kumho truck tyre range contact Modern Tyres on 048 66 32 22 99.