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InfoRoute unveils Truck Tyre Manager

Commercial tyre dealers and fleets are being promised a timesaving and safety-enhancing solution courtesy of InfoRoute, which has developed a user-friendly app combined with a cloud-based reporting system.

InfoRoute, a company in the Compilator Ltd group of companies, has built on more than 20 years of industry experience to create Truck Tyre Manager, which is used by the major truck tyre chains in the UK and Ireland because of its simplicity for tyre technicians.

The package is aimed at commercial tyre dealers, who can gain an extra share of the business and secure existing customers on a longer-term basis, by proving they are delivering excellent tyre management.

Truck Tyre Manager improves transparency into vehicle health to significantly reduce the likelihood of unexpected, costly, and potentially dangerous breakdowns. Therefore, increasing time on the roads while ensuring high safety standards. It also helps fleets to simplify their operations and reduce maintenance costs.

The beauty of Truck Tyre Manager is that the software is completely independent of any tyre manufacturers, meaning that all tyres of all brands can easily be monitored and managed and the data transferred to the manufacturer with ease. This negates the need for numerous systems when Truck Tyre Manager can meet all requirements.

InfoRoute’s Sales Director, Mike Glover emphasised: “Tyre dealers sell fleet inspection services to fleet customers as a means of winning tyre business. Their means of proving they are delivering good tyre management are subject to defined KPI’s such as pressure maintenance, avoiding early removal of tyres and regrooving to extend tyre list at a point when the tyre is at its most fuel-efficient.

”This means that in today’s competitive fleet market, transport operators need to keep an ever-closer-eye on their tyres because good tyre management aids in cost control and fuel-saving.

“If a good tyre inspection regime is in place and can be demonstrated with a tool like Inforoute then the Road Safety Authority (RSA) is likely to look sympathetically at minor infringements.”

Mike Glover

InfoRoute’s Tyre Fleet Inspection Software has already hit 300,000 annual vehicle inspections and is set to grow further after recent new customer acquisitions.

Mike added: “Commercial tyre dealers are responding to their fleet operators and customers’ needs. Driven by commercial and legal pressures, fleet managers cannot afford to ignore the dangers and costs of poor tyre management, so they are taking more interest in tyres fitted to their vehicles.

“They demand compliance and transparency from the companies managing their tyres to deliver maximum vehicle uptime and minimum tyre costs. Handwritten paper inspection sheets no longer do the job.”

Truck Tyre Manager comprises an Android app for smartphones or tablets and an online portal for reporting and transparency. Once inspection data is synced with the app, the inspection can be done offline and transferred to the cloud whenever there is a connection.

For large fleets operating across countries or continents, Truck Tyre Manager synchronises with other local company teams to create a single fleet view, enabling fleet operations managers to share the latest information online.