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Hankook debuts its first trailer tyre

Hankook Tire has entered the trailer tyre segment by adding trailer offerings to its lineup of innovative products. The tyre maker now offers the Vantra Trailer that will fit most popular trailer applications.

The Vantra Trailer is released in nine sizes, while the Vantra Trailer for high loads (TH31) is released in three sizes.

Hankook says the tyres are built to perform on vehicles such as campers, flatbed/hauling trailers, boat trailers and horse trailers, and are engineered to deliver exceptional durability and stability under heavy-duty conditions.

The Vantra Trailer features a high stiffness pattern block and decoupling grooves optimised for heavy-duty performance. Its structure is built for enhanced durability and stability as well as improved traction in all road conditions.

The Vantra Trailer for high loads (TH31) is designed with a main zig-zag groove that provides excellent traction and water drainage under various road conditions, as well as asymmetric grooves that helps eject stones. The tyre also features an all-steel radial structure for maximum durability as well as a new compound mixing system called Innovation Mixing System (IMS) that minimises disconnection of polymer chains and oxidation for enhanced durability.

“We’re committed to offering tyre products that enable consumers to enjoy the freedom of the open road – and the adventure of the great outdoors. Ideal for boat, cargo, RV and other types of trailers, the Vantra Trailer products offer outdoor enthusiasts the same high level of quality and performance as our passenger, SUV and light truck tyres,” said Sooil Lee, president and CEO of Hankook Tire & Technology. “We are eager to enter this segment and look forward to serving the market with our new and innovative Vantra Trailer products.”