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DPD increasing their customer rates again

Effective from the 5th of April this year, courier company DPD Ireland has informed customers that it will apply an increase of five per cent across all shipping rates, domestic and international.

It will further apply a surcharge on non-conveyable items. Those are items which cannot be routed via our automated conveyor system – they will be increased to €7.50 per parcel travelling domestically and €9.00 for any parcel travelling outside Ireland.

The surcharge for over-sized Items will also increase to €15.00. For DPD, An oversized item is any item which has length greater than 2200mm and/or width/depth greater than 900mm.

Like most transport companies, DPD also applies a separate fuel surcharge when diesel prices rise, as they are now.

The email to customers points out improvements to their infrastructure, hub and depot facilities, as well as recruiting delivery experts. It also says that it implemented several safety measures within their hub and depot operations to ensure the health and safety of their teams.

It adds that it continues this investment through 2021 to increase capacity. It claims that the investments it has made are critical to enabling it to provide the best possible customer experience.

However, it expects customers to pay more for these investments. It begs the question for readers – Did you get to charge your customers more for applying Covid-19 related safety measures for your staff?

It appears that customers also have to pay for DPD being very cognisant of their responsibility to sustainability by planning to purchase 100 more electric vehicles for their Ireland fleet.

Business is up massively for DPD and the sector generally, and this trend will continue. Yet it appears that DPD want customers to pay more to cover their investments in growth. Would your customers accept that from you for building an extension to your business or buying a new van?

I recently got a 20 per cent discount on my home insurance by simply challenging my existing insurer. Perhaps, it is time for us all to look more closely at the prices you are paying for all kinds of recurring services in your business?