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TMD strengthens IAM commercial vehicle division

TMD Friction has made some changes in its Textar products and services for the commercial vehicle sector to meet ongoing demand from customers.

Firstly, Textar’s commercial vehicle product packaging will also receive the PROriginal safety seal that was successfully introduced last year in the passenger car sector – a move that offers better protection against counterfeiting.

And secondly, the Textar packaging will come with new labelling for all its CV brake pads. This offers additional, helpful product information arranged in a new overall layout that is considerably clearer and easier to understand.

The PROriginal safety seal for commercial vehicle performs the same function as the seal already used on car products.

On the back of the seal is a QR code and a twelve-digit alphanumerical code, both of which are individually linked to the contents.

On opening the packaging, the customer can scan the QR code or enter the twelve-digit alphanumerical code on They then immediately receive either confirmation that the product is original or are advised that the code has already been scanned or is invalid.

In either of those latter cases, TMD Friction asks the customer to get in touch directly via the online contact form or the service hotline so that the company can take the necessary action.

The new package labelling for Textar CV brake pad products is now in use at the company’s production facilities, meaning the first packages with the new labels are already arriving at warehouses.

For workshop personnel, the simplified layout means useful information displayed on the label can be found directly on the packaging, making their job easier.

The information identifiable at a glance includes: the dimensions of the brake pad with symbols for height, width and thickness; a symbol and a checkbox to show whether it includes an accessory and/or wear indicator, as well as a truck/bus/trailer symbol with arrows indicating the axle for which the pads are intended (front, rear or both).

The brake system manufacturer and type of brakes are also clear to see, as are the industry trade references and specifications for the applicable vehicle brands and models.

Scanning the barcode on the label using TMD Friction’s Brakebook app takes the customer directly to the product page in the online catalogue.

To achieve its growth targets in the commercial vehicle market, TMD Friction has created a new key management position, appointing Oliver Hill as the company’s new global sales & marketing director IAM commercial vehicles in December 2020.

Hill is responsible for developing revenue streams and profits in TMD Friction’s Commercial Vehicle aftermarket division across all regions, and for the conception of innovative marketing strategies.

He brings with him more than 20 years of experience in IAM, gained in a variety of sales and marketing positions. He spent 19 years with ZF Friedrichshafen, most recently serving as head of global strategy commercial vehicles.