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Automotive Customs Brokers is dealers’ top choice for customs paperwork

As every dealership in the Republic of Ireland now knows, sourcing vehicle stock from the UK and Northern Ireland is not a straight forward process. This has been made even more difficult with the imposition of tariffs and VAT, along with all the extra regulatory paperwork that goes with it.

Owner of Automotive Customs Brokers, Jonathan O’Grady, tells us that the business has risen to the challenge during the past number of weeks. It has worked closely with over 50 dealerships nationwide to help them get to grips with the new rules and regulations, calculating duty, getting set up for deferments and much more.

Mr O’Grady explained how the customs clearance process is now way more complex than originally anticipated, and how his business has rapidly upskilled with customs and revenue. It now provides a full suite of services to cover every aspect of getting vehicles from the UK and getting clearances done in a quick and accurate manner.

Speaking this week to, Mr O’Grady further explained that “the main aim of their service is to simplify the process and to make it as cost effective as possible for dealers to sign up and let dealers focus on doing what they do best which is moving metal”.

Mr O’Grady added: “It’s an end to end service so the dealer can rest easy knowing that his staff have the expertise and ease of access with the customs system.

“Because they are specialising in dealing with the motor trade they can offer the lowest prices in the market, with multiple declarations costing from as little as €60 plus vat per vehicle.

Mr O’Grady highlighted the benefits of Automotive Customs Brokers’ services. These include free advice and free account setup, along with around the clock customer support specific to the motor industry.

Automotive Customs Brokers will also utilise its state-of-the-art software by submitting a cloud-based real time document to customs on your behalf.

For an initial consultation to see how he can help you overcome the issues of customs clearance, contact Jonathan O’Grady on 086 233 77 83.

Alternatively, an online enquiry form can be filled out at