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Scania launches new tandem bogie axle

Scania’s new disengageable tandem bogie axle is said to provide more sustainable multi-wheeler operation, reducing fuel consumption by up to three per cent. The LDTA (liftable and disengageable tandem bogie axle) can also reduce a vehicle’s turning circle when lifted, with actuation taking less than 25 seconds.

The new axle is compatible with the RB662/R660 range for 6×4 and 8×4 applications. Fuel savings are attributed to the reduced friction inside the disconnected axle gearing when lifted. 19-, 21- and 26-tonne bogie design weights are available with load limits with the second axle lifted being 9.5, 10.5 and 13 tonnes respectively.

Vincente Connolly, Scania (GB) UK sales director, said, “This is a highly desirable function for customers in a variety of applications, such as construction and timber haulage.

“Our engineers have determined that substantial fuel savings are achievable, especially for vehicles which make multiple drops every day and run empty on the return leg.

“In addition to improved fuel economy, operators also benefit from less tyre wear and increased manoeuvrability.”

Axle lift and disengagement is carried out remotely by the driver in the cab, with automatic override if an overload situation is identified.

When the axle is lowered, drive is automatically re-engaged. With normal chassis height and tyres, tag-axle ground clearance is almost 70mm.