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New kits helps identify levels of ethanol, biodiesel in fuels

In recent years the increased use of biodiesel and ethanol petrol has started to cause running issues with some diesel and petrol engines.

Some vehicles manufacturers have specifically forbidden the use of such fuels on some of their engines because they can cause running problems on an engine not designed specifically for them.

Laser Tools claims its Fuel Identification Kit (part number 8004) allows the user to quickly identify the presence of and percentage levels of biodiesel in diesel and ethanol in petrol by simply taking a 500ml sample of the fuel from the tank and placing the specially designed hydrometer into the fuel for analysis.

The kit tests biodiesel level in diesel and ethanol level in petrol. It can be used in the workshop or remotely. Ideal for agricultural and heavy goods vehicle testing. There are numerous applications applicable to car, truck, agricultural and marine engines. For accurate results measurements should be taken at an ambient temperature of 20°C.

The kit is manufactured in Germany and is supplied with full instructions and includes a graduated measuring cylinder and a cleaning brush.

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