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Practical tips for service and maintenance from DT

To ensure that the vehicle remains safe, it should be serviced regularly. In their new video, the ‘Parts Specialists’ from DT Spare Parts demonstrate what needs to be kept in mind when servicing a truck, and offers helpful tips on the individual components.

The Parts Specialists Lars and Kevin start by checking the axle geometry of the rear and front axles. Starting with the stabiliser bushes, they press a tyre iron against the sway bar and check whether the bearings have been dislodged. Then they move on to checking the steering, the shock absorbers, the tyres and several other parts – a proper once-over for the Parts Specialists and their viewers.

Once the axle geometry has had a thorough check-up, it’s time to change the oil and the fuel filter. They remind us that we should always work with a checklist, so that we don’t leave out anything when we do our maintenance. For instance, they also make sure to check the battery – this is especially important in winter.

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