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Workshops demand Knecht quality

Through its Knecht brand, Mahle has ensured workshops are equipped with the highest quality filter brand and range available. Workshops should always put filter quality first to avoid multiple replacements within a shorter service interval, which in turn leads to poor customer service.

High-quality filter media can trap harmful or unwanted contaminants more easily without restricting ow. This is essential to avoiding long-term problems to costly engine components.

Now, as garages are expected to face a busy autumn period, technicians are becoming much more vocal about their preferences and recognise a quality product. Filter quality is not just con ned to the product itself, it’s the company and brand that goes before it.

Rise in cabin filter demand
Motorists are seeking reassurance at this unprecedented time, and it’s to be expected that they are relying on their technician to provide advice on how best to purify air entering their vehicle.

Not only does a high-quality cabin air filter help a vehicle to run more efficiently, as it prevents unwanted debris clogging up the HVAC system, which could result in irreparable damage, but it also plays an essential role in keeping the air inside the cabin fresh.

With findings demonstrating that more than 100,000 litres of air is swept into the cabin every hour when a vehicle is in operation, it is recommended to always opt for quality when choosing a cabin air filter.

Regular filter replacement
The message from Knecht is simple: As an Original Equipment supplier, products have been tested to the most stringent of standards and have unrivalled technical support. Lower quality filters will not efficiently remove contaminants from the vehicle’s fuel, causing problems with diesel fuel injectors and engine components.

Knecht has a range of literature available to garages to promote regular filter replacement to motorists. Delaying an oil change may save money in the short term but it increases the risk of terminal engine damage.

To ensure maximum vehicle performance over the winter months, it’s essential that oil filter checks are carried out before temperatures dip to freezing. An oil and filter change is warranted before the winter cold sets in, as contaminated oil can end up causing major damage to the engine.

Good quality gaskets
From the simplest composite forms to sophisticated multilayer steel designs, gaskets are put under a lot of strain and therefore they need to be able to cope with varying environments.

As a result, it’s important that they can manage drastic extremes of temperature high internal pressures and coolants and lubricants of every kind. With its gasket range, Knecht covers more than one million applications worldwide, as well as around 200 million vehicle registrations for engines from 1990.

The Knecht Performance gasket range has been rebuilt from the ground up, using the latest technology and state- of-the-art materials to seal and protect engines—enabling them to run harder and faster, overcoming the limitations of conventional gaskets.

Reliable industry experience
When it comes to delivering quality products, industry experience is everything. With 100 years’ experience, Knecht has become one of the 20 largest automotive suppliers worldwide with around 80,000 employees. Always striving for innovative solutions, the company continues to set new standards in the eld of alternative drives and in the optimisation of internal combustion engines