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UK’s first all-electric ambulance enters service

The UK’s market-leading ambulance conversion specialist, VCS, has today launched the country’s first all-electric ambulance to be used in front-line service. The Electric Dual Crewed Ambulance (E-DCA) is the UK’s first electric ambulance and the first zero emissions ambulance to be used on its roads.

Designed, developed and produced in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the E-DCA will be trialled by West Midlands Ambulance Service, starting in October. The first step in electrifying the UK emergency services, the E-DCA will be used on the service’s front line in emergency situations. Its development by VCS reflects emergency services operators’ desire to bring the sector in-line with the global demand for widespread zero emission transport.

Harnessing the expert capabilities of VCS and the wider skillset available within parent company, Woodall Nicholson Group, the E-DCA showcases both companies’ focus on class-leading engineering excellence and innovation. The VCS product line-up, all manufactured at its Bradford site, includes a wide range of vehicle marques. The company is recognised as producing the highest quality vehicles within the emergency services industry; a result of its commitment to highly skilled, British-built design and engineering expertise.

Using VCS’s already class-leading lightweight ‘Core Capture’ construction method, the E-DCA employs zero emissions powertrain technology developed and proven within the Woodall Nicholson Group.

Powered by lithium-ion batteries situated in the underside of the ambulance floor pan in a specifically designed and compliant enclosure, and a low centre of gravity, the E-DCA has a power output of 129bhp (96kW). It has a top speed of 120 km/h and can achieve a range of around 180 km with a recharge time of 4.25 hours.