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REE showcases three fully modular electric commercial vehicle platforms

REE Automotive has released images showing three new prototypes of its next-generation electric vehicle platforms.

Presenting a range of future electric delivery vehicles, each fully operational prototype features REE’s modular and flexible platform architecture, which answers the exponential demand for entirely new types of EVs – particularly commercial vehicles – driven by the surge in e-commerce, a trend further accelerated by Covid-19.

Its EV platform consists of the REEcorner which powers full X-by-Wire technology for steering, braking and drive, and integrates all drivetrain, powertrain, suspension and steering components into the arch of the wheel. In addition, the breakthrough REEboard – which enables the EV platform to be completely flat – offers customers the freedom to place any shape or size of body design on top.

Daniel Barel, REE co-founder and CEO: “EVs, particularly e-delivery vehicles, are in huge demand, with growth drivers including global carbon-emission regulatory policies coupled with a boom e-commerce. There is also a rapid rise in ‘mobility as a service’ (MaaS). Our modular platform is set to revolutionise electric mobility and as we shared today, the journey is well underway.

“Our platform provides the perfect blank canvas for our customers on which to build EVs tailored to their needs, whether it’s a fully autonomous last-mile delivery vehicle, a spacious yet compact urban shuttle or a flexible delivery truck with higher load capability on a smaller footprint.”

REE has showcased three of its modular next-generation EV platforms on the track, demonstrating the X-by-Wire technology in P1, P2 and P4 platforms.

The P1 platform of up to 1.3-tonne GVW is geared for low speed vehicles (LSV) last-mile inner-city delivery applications.

The P2 platform scales up to 2.5-tonnes GVW and is designed to transport passengers and cargo.

The P4 platform offers up to 4.5-tonnes GVW, but has just been built for the North American market delivery segment.

REE says all of its platforms are autonomous ready and are fully compatible with any ADAS interface. Multiple redundancy systems, coupled with X-by Wire control of steering, braking and drive ensure the highest possible efficiency and safety standards.

Thus, companies including OEMs, delivery, logistic and retail as well as new technology players can fully leverage the advantages of REE’s versatile platform to design EVs tailored to their exact needs and specifications.