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Bridgestone offers service and products

Bridgestone Ireland believes its comprehensive range of truck and bus tyres, its quality Bridgestone Partner network of key dealers, and the provision of a range of key fleet services are the reasons it holds a strong market leading position.

“Bridgestone has always been acknowledged as a leader in commercial tyre technology, but in more recent times we have complemented this with a strong fleet service offering,” says Conor Curran, Sales Manager, Commercial Products, Bridgestone Ireland.

Bridgestone’s fleet services now include, fleet tyre checks and management, local and international tyre breakdown service, cost per kilometre contracts and centralised administration and billing. “Our key dealer network which operates under the Bridgestone Partner banner also allows us to provide a quality service throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe,” added Conor.

The tyre makers’s range of truck tyres cover every tyre application for almost every commercial transport possibility. In the last few years Bridgestone has strengthened this further with its new Duravis and Ecopia range of truck tyres complemented by the Bandag range of retreads.

Bridgestone has recently introduced its new ultra-durable Duravis R002 tyres for fleet vehicles. The Duravis R002 is designed to help fleets lower their operational costs by significantly reducing cost per kilometre through outstanding wear performance and optimised fuel efficiency. Designed for the versatility segment, the new tyres are available to all types of on-road fleet operation and deliver outstanding wet grip.

Today, increasing demands on the transportation industry mean that fleet owners and managers need to maximise their productivity and minimise operational costs more than ever. Developed and tested in partnership with 17 fleets across 13 countries and a wide variety of operation conditions, the latest generation of Bridgestone Duravis tyres have been designed to meet these requirements in order to best serve fleet customers.

The Duravis R002 offers a boosted wear life that is up to 45  per cent improved on its predecessor1 and a cost per kilometre that is reduced by 15 per cent vs predecessor (average steer, drive and trailer). And for savings not only in terms of cost, but also CO2 output, the new Duravis provides optimised fuel efficiency, with a B-C-B combination in steer, drive and trailer.

The Duravis R002 are multipurpose tyres for all types of on-road fleet vehicles operating in a wide range of applications, ranging from highway driving to regional roads. Arriving with a best-in-class ‘A’ grade on steer in wet grip – and winter ready, with 3PSFM and M+S markings on steer, drive and trailer – the Duravis R002 offers outstanding wet grip and a year-round performance.

Bridgestone says: “Fleets are facing more challenges than ever before, and Bridgestone has a responsibility to help our customers overcome them. Tyre wear is one of the biggest concerns for fleets wanting to avoid additional costs. With its exceptional performance, our new Duravis R002 tyre helps them to lower their operational cost.”

Engineered for the future of logistics
As with all new Bridgestone truck and bus tyres, Duravis R002 tyres will be supplied with electronic tagging system RFID (radio-frequency identification). With RFID, fleet customers enhance the traceability of their tyre casings, which ultimately helps to optimise their total cost of ownership. The RFID-enabled Duravis R002 tyres are able to work seamlessly with Bridgestone’s customisable tyre management and maintenance service package, Total Tyre Care, to bring significant value to fleets.

The main sizes of the Duravis R002 are currently available from Bridgestone’s tyre dealer partners in Ireland and the UK with additional sizes becoming available in the coming months. The new Duravis R002 will also simplify Bridgestone’s line-up in the versatility segment by replacing all current products.

Developed and produced in Europe, the new tyres mark a combination of a new innovative pattern concept and compound, and a newly improved manufacturing process.

The Duravis R002 tyres are to be fitted as original equipment on leading vehicle manufacturers, such as MAN, Scania, Daimler, Volvo, Renault Iveco, after a thorough homologation testing.

Bridgestone’s M Series Range
Bridgestone’s latest On/Off product range the M Series range is proving popular with operators. The M Series tyres deliver outstanding performance, durability and mileage. In short, the newly developed Bridgestone M-STEER 001, M-DRIVE 001 and M-TRAILER 001 are built to get the job done, whatever the terrain, whatever the conditions, both on and off the road.

Extreme durability, extreme efficiency to meet today’s industry requirements
Bridgestone’s line-up of On/Off tyres have the durability to perform in a wide variety of surface conditions from asphalt and gravel to sand and mud, while demonstrating a high resistance to cutting, chipping and other forms of accidental damage. The range delivers also excellent mileage as well as great traction and grip. This is key to meet the challenges of today’s operators, who drive more and more in mild and medium On/Off conditions such as those in construction and excavation works.

“We are very confident in the Bridgestone On/Off range of truck tyres. With their excellent mileage and enhanced durability, they not only deliver the performance you need when you need it most but they also do so for even longer than ever before!”
The On/Off truck tyre range is available in a comprehensive range of sizes including 315/80R22.5 for steer, 13R22.5 & 315/80R22.5 for drive and 385/65R22.5 for trailer axels. Covering most common tyre sizes the range also includes 295/80R22.5 for steer and drive axels.

Long tyre life, less downtime
Incorporating the most advanced On/Off technologies and designed, developed and tested by Bridgestone, the M-STEER 001, M-DRIVE 001 and M-TRAILER 001 tyres are built to go the distance, with some operators reporting an increased mileage of 20%i vs. the previous Bridgestone range. This advanced engineering also results in extreme durability, which means less downtime, helping operators lower their daily costs and sharpen their competitiveness while safeguarding the continuity of their business.

Bridgestone is also dedicated to enhancing the driver’s safety. That’s why their On/Off range is also M+S and Alpine symbol marked, and thus designed for normal and severe winter conditions, ensuring a good driving performance.

Total Tyre Life by Bridgestone
Bridgestone’s latest On/Off tyres are not only built to last, their advanced casing design makes them a perfect match for Bandag’s premium range of retreads for On/Off applications. Additionally, the Bandag M-DRIVE 001 and Bandag M-TRAILER 001 are proving popular with Irish fleets, extending the performance and lowering the total cost per km of operators’ tyres even further!

Bridgestone’s Ecopia Range
Applying advanced eco-friendly compound technologies to truck tyres Bridgestone has recently introduced their range of Ecopia truck tyres in the Uk and Ireland. Ecopia truck tyres run with lower rolling resistance than Bridgestone’s standard patterns, thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The added value for operators is that this has been achieved without sacrificing Bridgestone’s high performance levels of durability, irregular wear and wet safety.

The line-up consists of steer tyre HS001 Ecopia with drive tyre HD001 Ecopia, and the trailer tyre HT001 Ecopia.

HT001 Ecopia patterns are also available as pre-cured retreads designed to provide similar mileage and rolling resistance performance as new Ecopia tyres when a Bridgestone Ecopia casing is used.

The core technology applied is Bridgestone’s new cap and sidewall compound which lowers the rolling resistance coefficient. The Ecopia tyres also feature Bridgestone’s proprietary Nano-Pro Tech compound, which lowers the rolling resistance coefficient by reducing energy loss in the top compound during rotation. Bridgestone are running a number of fleets such as Dixon International on 100 per cent Bridgestone Ecopia.

Outside of the important new Ecopia range Bridgestone has an impressive offering of class leading commercial vehicle tyre products.

R-Drive 001: A superior drive tyre for long-distance highway use, with excellent wet and dry manoeuvrability. The convex block design helps distribute forces evenly in the tread blocks, reducing ‘heal and toe’ wear and thus providing higher mileage. Driver comfort is enhanced by Bridgestone’s groove fence design which meets the most severe noise regulations. Since the casing resists heat generation, this tyre has high acceptance for retreading.

R-Steer 001: A regional steer tyre that provides excellent wet and dry manoeuvrability and a long original tread life thanks to the extra deep tread, without compromising other performance factors. Its Dual Sipe technology gives constant wet performance while maintaining the highest level of stability. The casing is designed to give a high level of safety with maximum comfort and superior ride handling. An additional side guard keeps the casing in good condition for retreading.

M788: With high performance in all weather conditions and great cost efficiency, the M788 is an outstanding and versatile premium coach and truck tyre that delivers real benefits. It is engineered for front and drive axle use, handles superbly all year round – with minimum noise levels – and provides operators with long wear life and lower running costs. The thick tread gauge provides excellent regroove and retread potential.

R168+: This trailer tyre has been developed by Bridgestone’s Technical Centre Europe in Rome specially for the European market and produced in Bilbao to meet the most stringent demands of European road transport professionals. It features a rugged 4-ply belt construction, an extra layer of undertread rubber between the casing and belt, and a wider 300 mm tread. The result is extended life expectancy and an excellent capacity for retreading, as well as improved resistance to tearing, chipping and uneven wear. In real terms, these benefits will contribute to a reduction in cost per kilometre compared with other leading tyres.

Bridgestone Retreads
To provide a comprehensive choice of tyre solutions Bridgestone now offers a full line-up of cold retreads that are manufactured with Bridgestone-developed and -produced pre-cured treads (PCT). The use of Bridgestone’s new tyre compounds and the very strict quality control procedures ensure that fleets can count on “as new” performance with total peace of mind.

Orders for Bridgestone retreads are received and processed through the same channels as for new tyres. The product range includes tread patterns: M729evo, R168, M840, and the W990. The product range now covers all market segments with a range of 16 different products. Bridgestone Europe has certified 25 retreaders as official Bridgestone Retread Partners. Thanks to this organisation, today almost every fleet in almost every European country can profit from the qualities of Bridgestone retreads.

The wide range of available tread patterns covers all typical applications and axle positions on passenger transport, heavy goods transport and construction vehicles. Continuous adaptation and renewal of the product line-up guarantees that even the latest generation of Bridgestone new tyre patterns are available as Bridgestone retread products.

Bridgestone retreads provide great value for money at a very favourable cost/benefits ratio. With a longer life than most other retread tyres available on the market, Bridgestone retread tyres deliver higher mileage and lower cost per kilometre to fleets. They offer excellent technical performance such as wet handling, road stability, traction, cornering and braking power.