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Pirelli has winter wrapped up with wide range of van tyres

Vans make up a significant proportion of our traffic, from delivery drivers to builders, vans give their users the space they need to carry everything, but crucially they need to be reliable in all weather conditions, and that’s where Pirelli Carrier tyres come in.

There are three versions; Carrier Winter, Carrier for the summer months and Carrier All Season. Whatever the conditions, there’s always a Pirelli van tyre to ensure that it’s business as usual. Carrier Winter is the ideal choice for vans in the colder months as it offers excellent mileage, safety in wet and winter conditions and more regular wear characteristics, making it arguably one of the most complete winter van tyres on the market. It has evolved from previous generations of Pirelli van tyres and provides all the key safety attributes drivers are looking for in a premium winter van product.

For summer driving Carrier is another Pirelli van product that has advanced significantly from its predecessor. An all new tread design and profile geometry along with an advanced silica compound has helped to vastly improve mileage and performance. The tyre also provides safety in wet conditions.

Pirelli’s recommendation is to wear the right tyres for the season. So, summer tyres in the warmer months and winter tyres fitted by the time the clocks go back in October. The correct choice of seasonal change-over is fundamental for safe driving. Braking distance, traction and stability all strongly depend on the adequate rubber compound. Winter tyres not only ensure grip on snow, but they perform better than summer tyres whenever the temperature drops below 7°C. Pirelli recommends fitting winter tyres in all cold weather conditions to ensure mobility on every surface.

The final member of the Carrier family, the Carrier All Season, may make a great solution for van drivers that are restricted to urban driving where temperature differences are perhaps not so extreme.

This tyre is the right choice for drivers seeking great performance, excellent handling and high mileage through a range of varied weather conditions. This particular Carrier product reaches a class leading position in terms of safety on wet roads.

The Carrier family of tyres is available in a variety of sizes to cover vans of every dimension from compact to extended wheelbase and key sizes on offer include 235/65R16, 205/65R16, and 195/70R15. Benefitting from a tried and trusted development programme, Pirelli’s van tyres have never been as advanced as they are now, ensuring both performance and safety just when they are most needed.