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DAF introduces CF Electric with extended range

DAF Trucks is taking the next step in the development of electric drivelines by doubling the range of the DAF CF Electric, with VDL e-power technology, to more than 200 km.

In addition, the introduction of a new generation of batteries means a weight reduction of 700 kg, which translates directly into higher payload.

Field operational tests of the first models of the CF Electric already began in 2018 with Dutch and German customers, after which the second generation – equipped with new software and a new dashboard – went on sale last year.

The DAF CF Electric is ideal for zero emissions and quiet use in urban areas, for general distribution, supermarket supply and for waste collection. DAF currently offers the CF Electric as a 4×2 tractor (GCW: 37-tonnes) and as a 6×2 rigid with steered trailing axle for maximum manoeuvrability (GVW: 28-tonnes).

The newest generation of CF Electric vehicles builds upon the proven reliability and user-friendliness of previous generations. A new development to the current generation is the lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 350 kWh (315 kWh effective capacity). In addition to being more powerful, the battery pack is also much lighter – no less than 700 kg. This reduction translates directly into higher payload.

The battery is conditioned, meaning that the temperature always remains between 25 and 40 degrees celsius, regardless of the weather, which supports durability and the consistent level of performance of the battery pack.

Thanks to the increased capacity of the battery pack – which retains the same dimensions – the CF Electric now has a range of over 200 km, a twofold increase compared with previous generations. Fully charging the battery is usually carried out at the truck’s home base and takes about 75 minutes using a charging station with a capacity of 250 kilowatt.

By recharging the battery while (un)loading or during the driver’s break, it is possible to drive up to 500 fully electric km a day in the DAF CF Electric, according to the manufacturer.

The use of electric vehicles requires a specific approach from the customer. That is why DAF offers its customers support through advanced route simulation models to help devise the most efficient planning for their vehicle, including useful advice on smart and efficient recharging of the battery. DAF also offers advice – together with selected suppliers, such as VDL – regarding the optimal charging infrastructure.

DAF CF Electric | FT tractor — Technical specifications

  • Chassis – 4×2
  • Wheelbase – 380 cm
  • Weight tractor – 9,000 kg
  • Electric motor – 210 kW
  • Torque – 2000 Nm
  • Battery capacity – 350 kWh (315 effective capacity)
  • Range fully charged vehicle – up to 220 km
  • Quick charge batteries – 75 minutes (at 250 kW)

DAF CF Electric | FAN rigid — Technical specifications

  • Chassis – 6×2, trailing axle
  • Wheelbase – 380/420/460/480 cm
  • Weight rigid – 10,200 kg
  • Electric motor – 210 kW
  • Torque – 2,000 Nm
  • Battery capacity – 350 kWh (315 effective capacity)
  • Range fully charged vehicle – up to 220 km
  • Quick charge batteries – 75 minutes (at 250 kW)