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New to range from Dayco

Dayco has recently introduced around 40 new references across its expanding product group portfolio.

With the growing popularity of auxiliary belt kits, which alongside the belt, contain all the rigid components (tensioners and idlers) necessary to successfully complete a full system replacement, it’s little surprise that with 12 new part numbers, these make up the bulk of the additions.

Notable among these are Dayco part number (KPV406), a belt and tensioner kit for the popular Transit 2.4 TDCi from 2000-10.

Kits for other prevalent brands include KPV417, which contains belt, tensioner and idler for the Mercedes Sprinter 3.0-litre from 2018.

It is important for workshops to note that, despite the practices of some aftermarket suppliers, original equipment auxiliary belts are specifically designed to conform to very strict dimensions and so, where replacement belts of a more generic rather than vehicle specific size have been fitted, failures have occurred.

However, all of the auxiliary belts in Dayco’s aftermarket programme are manufactured to vehicle specific VM specifications, which means independents have access to an OE quality solution that is designed to precise standards, in terms of both its dimensions and construction, to the original article.