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Mannion’s Parts highlight LED Autolamp’s products

This week Mannion Parts in Galway and Castlebar celebrate the continued success of the exclusively designed LED Autolamp’s ‘MaXilamp Series multifunction rear lamps’. They are 12/24V multi-volt, ECE approved, IP67, 7 year warranty, and harness system compatibility.

They are also available as single-ring combination or triple-ring combination lamps, these unique products are designed to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

With futuristic, eye-catching styling and super-efficient, long-life LED technology, the MaXilamp Series have proven extremely popular, becoming one of our bestselling signature products.

As combination lamps, the MaXilamp Series are fully ECE approved for all functions and are sealed in strong polycarbonate housing with extra tough acrylic lenses to shield from the extremes.

Not only are these lamps IP67 certified ensuring they stay water, dust and shockproof, we are so confident in the reliability and durability of the MaXilamp Series that they come with a 7 year extended warranty.

LED Autolamps always make the extra effort to maximise the practicality of our lamps. That’s why the MaXilamp Series all house integrated reflex reflectors and are all 12/24V Multivolt capacity for easy adaptation into diverse lighting configurations.

As one of our flagship product ranges, the MaXilamp Series triple-ring combination lamps are also available with 6-pin connectors and a range of cable lengths for seamless integration into one of our bespoke Trailer Harness Systems.

Full product range:
• MaXilamp1XRE – Stop / Tail / Indicator / Reflector
• MaXilampC1XRE – Stop / Tail / Indicator / Reflector (Black Chrome)
• MaXilamp1XRFE – Fog / Reflector
• MaXilamp1XRWE – Reverse / Reflector

• MaXilamp1XCE – Stop / Tail / Indicator / Reflector
• MaXilamp1XCFE – Fog / Reflector
• MaXilamp1XCWE – Reverse / Reflector

• MaXilamp3XRF – Stop / Tail / Indicator / Fog / Reflector
• MaXilamp3XRW – Stop / Tail / Indicator / Reverse / Reflector

View The MaXilamp Datasheet here

You can call Mannion Parts in Galway on 091 795121 or in Castlebar on 094 9027626.