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‘Parts Specialists’ demonstrate how to replace a fuel pump correctly

In their latest video, the ‘parts specialists’ at DT Spare Parts, Lars and Kevin carefully examine the fuel pump of a truck and give their viewers some valuable advice.

The workshop professionals start by taking a closer look at the fuel delivery pump and the fuel filter. Finding that the fuel pressure is low, they remove the pump and check the filter for impurities and foreign bodies. In this case, since the cross disk is worn, it is replaced together with the fuel feed pump.

Like all parts, the fuel pump undergoes the DTQS, the specially developed Diesel Technic Quality System. As with many items of the DT Spare Parts brand, assembly instructions are included. Customers can find accessories for the fuel system such as injection lines, fuel gauge senders, fuel gauges, unit injectors, fuel filter heads as well as various injection valves, pressure sensors and overflow valves in the Partner Portal.

The Diesel Technic range is not limited to fuel feed pumps with a cross disk but includes various other designs, such as pumps that have a gear or a special drive for different types of vehicles.

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